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Electrolux kommentiert die Spekulationen zum GE-Deal

Der schwedische Konzern Electrolux wurde bei der Übernahme der Haushaltsgerätespate von General Electric gestoppt - Electrolux bleibt jedoch weiterhin positiv.

Das US-Justizministerium (DOJ) hat die geplante Übernahme am 1. Juli 2015 vorerst gestoppt, doch Electrolux bleibt weiterhin zuversichtlich. Die Überprüfung der geplanten Übernahme wurde in einem Gerichtsverfahren, mit Beginn am 9. November 2015, fortgesetzt. Bis Ende des Jahres oder im Januar 2016 soll das Gericht eine Entscheidung treffen, heißt es in der Stellungnahme von Electrolux. Hier können Sie das offizielle Statement von Electrolux auf Englisch lesen: On July 1, 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) filed a Complaint in Federal Court seeking to stop Electrolux proposed acquisition of the appliances business of General Electric. Electrolux vigorously contests this effort by the DOJ to oppose the transaction and remains confident in its assessment of the competitive merits of this transaction and its favorable impact on consumers. The review of the proposed acquisition has continued in a court procedure and the trial begun on November 9, 2015. Electrolux expects the trial to conclude in December and anticipates that the Court will reach its decision by late this year or in January 2016, and if resolved favorably, it expects to close the transaction soon after such resolution, following regulatory approvals. Occasionally, disputes like this one are resolved by settlement. While Electrolux may be willing to consider a reasonable settlement with DOJ, Electrolux is currently not in settlement discussions with DOJ. Given the nature of this matter, it cannot be ruled out that settlement discussions may arise or that references to such discussions may be made by counsels of DOJ or Electrolux within the court procedure. As the outcome of any such potential discussions is inherently uncertain, Electrolux does not plan to make any further comments on whether discussions have been or will be initiated, or the status thereof, until it is relevant to provide further updates.
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